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Pure and Unprocessed, Modernly Traditional. 

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authentically artistic

The RAW Dance Center is a dance academy that serves to provide authentically artistic, world class training. Offering a variety of classes for ages 3 to adult, we offer a solid, versatile dance education that enables the well-rounded dancer.

With the necessary foundation of classical ballet at each dancer’s core, we explore and nurture the technique of more modern and contemporary forms of dance. Working from an individual and authentic place, we emphasize clean technique while fueling passionate artistry.

With classes ranging from classical ballet, contemporary, creative movement, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, improvisation, and RAW wellness; The RAW Dance Center enables strong, healthy dancers by consistently demonstrating ways to preserve and respect the dancers body. Our goal is to make movement available to everyone at all stages. We want our students to know that wherever they are in life, however they are; the gift of movement is available to them. Our methods are pure and unprocessed; modernly traditional.


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The Studio

299 N. Babcock Street
Melbourne, Florida 32935