Q: How do I register and pay for a class?

A: Using Jackrabbit Software, families can register, add classes, pay, receive discounts, view important studio information, and much more. These tasks can be done from the convenience of their phone, tablet, or computer. 


Q: What exactly is a “safe” dance floor?

A: A safe, sturdy dance floor involves having a subfloor, also referred to as a sprung floor. A sprung floor is a special flooring that is designed to absorb shock, reducing injury to the dancer or athlete. This subflooring is then topped with a final overlay; its thickness and slip resistance being dependent on the specific dance style or athletic use.


Q: How fast will my child progress to the next level?

A: The level of training from student to student varies greatly. Age, technical ability, and artistic performance play a large role, as do dedication, attendance, and over all attitude. We supply each of our students with the tools and complete support that they need to achieve their individual goals. Their achievements are the result of their own hard work and motivation.


Q: Why can’t just one dance shoe be worn for all styles of dance?

A: Not all dance shoes are created equal. Each shoe is specifically designed for the athletic support that is needed to safely perform all the technical facets involved in any one specific style of dance. 


Q: What is the RAW dance company? 

A: The RAW dance company is a hand selected team of Melbourne’s most elite, driven, and dedicated dancers. Each auditioning student will be evaluated in ballet, modern, and jazz, as well as performing a 1 minute solo. These selected group of dancers will go on to train extensively and honorably represent RAW in all private events, promotions, fundraisers, and national dance competitions.