Top Reasons Why Dancing is Good for Adults of All Ages

Dancing has been a top source for overall health and physical exercise, for many years. Its benefits include both the physical and mental, leading to weight loss, cardiovascular health, mental clarity, and an overall sense of well-being. As the body ages, it naturally becomes less pliable and more fragile. Incorporating several dance classes into your week will help balance the body keeping it limber and strong at its core. Overall, dance is the key to a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. Combined with proper nutrition, it will have you feeling great as you enjoy better sleep, weight loss, mental clarity, reduced stress, and higher self-esteem. Below are some of the enjoyable benefits of dance.

Heart Health

Studies show that dancing is a whole-body form of exercise that uses an interval training technique. Using bursts of movement maintained to the tempo of music, dancing lowers your risk of heart disease and cardiovascular death.

It’s Fun!

Dancing is not only great for cardiovascular health, it’s fun! No need for machines or repetitive gym movements. You don’t need any tools or equipment, just the right pair of shoes, some great music, and you’re good to go!

Memory & Sleep

As we age, our cognitive functions start naturally declining. Studies have shown that dancing decreases dementia and helps our brains from aging. It’s not just an aerobic form of exercise, it’s a form of exercise that requires memory and sequencing. Creating these sequences of movement and combining them with music, stimulates the most important organ in the human body; our brain!

Increased Balance, Flexibility, and Coordination

Dance classes teach techniques that encourage a stronger sense of body awareness, safely controlled flexibility, and cross body movements that promote overall coordination. These facets are important as we age to prevent injury.

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Monique Vieta