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Nurture your body

A difficult situation dancers and their families face while looking for a dance studio, is finding solid, technical training that will protect their young dancer’s bodies against unnecessary risk and injury. For the untrained, inexperienced eye, it is difficult to decipher what makes a good dance teacher and what forms a solid dance school. Often in our society, children are forced to perform in ways that they are not yet physically or technically ready for. They are rigorously trained to perfect specific “tricks” during set performances without having any valuable dance technique. These methods of teaching and training lead to inflammation and injury as the dancer ages and progresses within their craft. This unfortunate outcome is not only physically painful but mentally, it is extremely frustrating seeing as they work so hard to achieve their goals. Older adult students sometimes fear that the natural process of aging, along with any personal injuries will hinder their ability to move freely without fear or further injury.


At RAW we believe in quality over quantity.  Being a dancer who’s personally recovered from a spinal injury, Monique was once completely debilitated for several long, painful years stemming from an injury described to her by a team of doctors as, “long term wear and tear”. She was told by medical professionals that not only would she never be able to dance and teach again, she may not regain the ability to live a pain free, normal life. Unable to accept such an outcome, she began to take her body, health, and healing into her own hands. During her long, rocky road to recovery she was able to reflect on the decades of rigorous, perfection seeking, unforgiving dance training that lead her to such a place at such a young age. After the next several years of retraining her mind and body, changing her daily habits, and truly exploring movement from a different perspective, she was able to not only recover and continue her life’s work, but live what she now considers to be her best life yet. It is with this appreciation and respect that she vows to bring the beauty and artistry of dance to her students while protecting their bodies and empowering their minds. “I never want anyone to feel as helpless as I did during that very difficult time. There is a special path carved out for you to learn how to move correctly, accept yourself as you are, work hard for what you want, and nurture your body like the incredible machine that it is… and here is where you’ll find it.” 


“We are all so different and magnificent. What our bodies are capable of begins in the mind. We want to teach young students how to tune into their own bodies and grow at a pace that is honest and healthy while fueling their artistic passions. Doing so will not only allow them to achieve their goals but do so in a way that will empower them and treat their bodies with loving care.”


Dancing since 1984, Monique Vieta grew up in South Florida strictly dancing classical ballet. At a young age, she began receiving elite instruction from Miami’s finest instructors, receiving scholarships to major dance companies throughout the United States. At the age of 14 her classical world was shaken when she was admitted into a prestigious arts high school where she was exposed to a wide variety of dance techniques and history. Beginning to feel confined within her classical walls, her artistic perspective started to grow and shift as did her love for more modern and contemporary dance works. After moving to New York City to explore her adventurous and artistic nature, she was fortunate enough to learn from several of the most recognized dance companies in the world. Monique has been teaching children and adults for over 22 years but credits her teaching abilities to the very influential teachers before her. She has taught with different dance companies and magnet schools throughout South Florida, as well as in New York and the Carolinas. In 2003, she created an all inclusive arts program for children with special needs that was supported by several schools throughout South Florida. Monique also received her yoga certification with hopes to spread the gift of movement and wellness to students of all ages. Monique’s students have gone on to attend top Universities and have danced professionally with elite companies around the world. Whether winning national titles, performing leading roles in professional dance companies, starring on Broadway, or becoming teachers themselves, her students remain close and very special in her life. Her top priority when teaching her young students is to spread the pure love and respect for the arts and movement in a healthy, loving, simplistic manner. Removing the thought process of where one should be and focusing more on each person’s unique inner workings.